Monday, September 6, 2010

National Sewing Month: Flashback

My current bag is a little more involved than the last few.  I got the pockets made and attached, and I have everything pinned to be stitched tomorrow.  I'm really enjoying these projects!

I wanted to share something I made about a year ago for an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party.  Caleb went as the White Rabbit, in a costume I made.  Which I apparently did not take any pictures of.  Luckily the birthday girl's mom did... (Thanks Nikki!)

The flamingo was his idea.

Anyway, as proud as I am of that costume, I am even more proud of what I made for myself.  I didn't go in costume, but I did make an awesome hat thanks to this tutorial from

It was a little awkward to wear, top-heavy and a little small, but it looks great.  The pictures do not do it justice in the least.

That hat stands as my favorite project to date.  Once I have a proper craft room, I will find a way to display it prominently. 

So, what are you favorite projects?

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  1. Hi Amanda, so nice to meet you. I like your sewing project. Most of my sewing projects are unique apron desings. I try to keep them different and a bit funky.

    I want to share a new site for posting your sewing services. Jan is the site owner. She is talented and always ready to share her sewing wisdom. She has several free sewing newsletters that are to helpful.

    Have a happy Labor Day!
    Yoli :)