Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy September! (Fire up those sewing machines...)

And Happy National Sewing Month!

I mentioned before that I was planning on celebrating Sewing Month by completing all of the projects in Lexie Barnes Sew What! Bags.  

My goal is to spend at least one hour a night at my sewing machine, or complete one project, which ever comes first.  This past weekend, I got a jump start and finished the first set of projects, the warm up bags.  (I was just so excited to get started!)  So, here are the first 5 projects:

Project 1: Eyeglass Case

 By far the most basic "bag" in the book. 

Re-purposed jeans, some scrap microsuede and about 5 minutes was all this took to complete.  Really cute!

 Project 2: Tissue Pouch

Also very easy, this project introduces a little embellishment.

Again, just a few fabric scraps and a few minutes was all it took.  Turned out super cute!

I only wish I had a little pack of tissue to put in it.

Project 3: Grocery Bag Tube

In our house, it is called a poo-bag bag.  Just tuck plastic grocery bags in the top, and pull them out the bottom.

This project was fun.  It introduced elastic and a hanging loop.  Really easy!

Project 3: Map Sack

My first attempt at the Map Sack suffered a small casualty, so I got to make it twice.

I learned that the grosgrain ribbon I used for the strap was a little too light weight.  It frayed and came loose.  Next time, I'll have to remember to re-enforce the stitching around the straps and finish the ends of the ribbon.  I was really disappointed, it was cute.

But, I did get to remake it!  This time I repuroposed more of the jeans I used for the eyeglass case and used some scrap to make a stronger strap and added a little pocket.

Directions for making a strap and the pocket are included in the book.

They call this a Map Sack in the book, but I found another great use for it:

Perfect size for holding a bottle of water (or Diet Dew.)
I can see this one coming in very handy!

Project 5: Zippered Wristlet

So far, this is my favorite project!  I see lots of teacher gifts and Christmas presents coming from this one!

Why, yes.  This is a zipper!  My first ever zipper, at that!

I can't wait to get started on the next projects, totes.  Stay tuned for more of my Sewing Month posts.  Are you as excited as I am?


  1. Great job, Amanda! So glad you're conspiring to sew all this month too!


  2. Was just over in London and these little zippered purses were huge ... they embellish them with little felt cutouts and add bits of fabric with sayings and then charge a fortune - you are so way ahead of the game!