Monday, September 6, 2010

Meet Me on Monday~ Blog Hop

I'm linking up to the Meet Me on Monday blog hop over at Never Growing Old.

Today's questions:

1. Do you wear socks to bed?

Only in the winter when it gets really cold.  I hate wearing socks in bed, so even on the coldest winter nights, I usually end up kicking my socks off at some point.

2. Do you have any pets?

Kinobi, the dog, and Cosmo, the cat.  And several fish (let's see if I can name them all): Toothless, Mummy, Spongebob, Whale Shark, Hiccup, Goldie... 

3. What topping(s) do you like on your pizza?

Pepperoni, sausage, yellow onions, shrooms, tomatoes... My only rule is no fish, no fruit, no fire.  Although, that fruit rule can be bent with the right accompaniments.
4. What time do you go to bed?

I make every effort to get to bed by 2 am every day. 
5. Would you rather get free chocolate for one year or free potatoes forever?

Depends, is it good dark chocolate?  Maybe, dairy free?  Oh, what the heck, I'll take the chocolate regardless!

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