Sunday, October 10, 2010

I know it looks like I missed my Saturday post, but I say pishaw!  It is still Saturday somewhere.

In all honesty, I just got back from a wonderful Mom's Night celebrating seven beautiful pregnant ladies.  We had great food (catered BBQ) and friends, mocktails and massages and  make-up, facials and free stuff!  I won a gift certificate for some skincare products.  It was a great night!  If I hadn't already paid for it, I probably would have missed it. (Although, I'm really glad I didn't.)

Unfortunately, I had to work today, too, so Caleb was with my parents all day.  He about killed me as I was leaving for work this morning.  I said goodbye, and told him to behave.  He says, "Ok, mom.  I'll miss you!"  Like a knife to the heart.  I felt so bad all day, and then all night.  So, he is getting a special day tomorrow.  He wants to go to the museum again to see the dinosaurs.  Again...

Don't tell him, but I am working on a little surprise for next weekend, too. 

So, how is your weekend going so far?

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