Friday, October 15, 2010

All About Me in 30 Days: Day 8: A Photo that Makes Me Angry or Sad

So, Caleb and I took another trip to see the dinosaurs at the museum last weekend.  (By the way, Caleb has decided that, in addition to being a rock-star-monkey when he grows up, he also wants to be a paleantologist.)  All over the place are little signs like this...

"Please do not touch or climb on the dinosaurs"

While Caleb was digging for fossils, I hear a little girl say "Mommy, can I touch this one?" Mom: "Sure, honey."  Followed shortly by a distinct ripping sound...  and ADULTS giggling.  I turned around and saw this:

That dino's tail used to be attatched.  I think, though, that is was the parents reaction that ticked me off the most.  Giggling, for crying out loud.  Ugh!!

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