Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tree Down

So, last night at about 11:00, we hear a "crackcrackcrack" followed by "thump."  Right outside the house.  LOUD.  First thought is, of course, Caleb, so I check on him.  Passed out on my bed.  Otherwise, nothing out of place.  Next stop, outside.  There, we find a tree.  On the ground.

A tree that was previously standing. 

Luckily, it missed the house.  It barely clipped the workshop.  It killed the sandbox. 

Ok, not killed exactly.  But the sandbox (and the fence) bore the brunt. 

The tree had been dead for a couple of years, just waiting to be taken down.  No harm, no foul really.  When I went back inside to put Caleb back into his own bed, I realized that, had the tree been a little bit taller (and in fact is was until a storm in the last year took off a bit of the top) it would have hit the house.  My room, to be exact.  Right above where my sweet boy was sleeping.  My heart skipped a beat, and I thanked God for sending that storm our way.

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