Monday, August 9, 2010

2 Hours!

That is how long it took for Caleb to finally go to sleep this evening, in his bed.  Evening nothing, it was after midnight before he gave it up and passed out.  Partly my fault for letting him take a nap this afternoon... not that I could have done a whole lot to stop him given that I was dead to the world as well.  I know better...

It was rough, and I tried hard to stay firm and be patient.  I actually had to hide my laughter a few times (like when he was crawling in on his belly.. he almost made it past me, too).  But I won out in the end.

We have 3 home goals for Caleb for now: 1. pass the Peter Potty on to his cousin for his birthday. 2. go to bed in his bed, by himself, every night. 3. stay in his bed every night.

I'm hoping to have 2 & 3 done by the time school starts.  Fingers are crossed!

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