Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jump Start on Sewing Month

I could not stand to wait any longer, plus I was bored, so I got a jump on National Sewing Month today.  And I managed to finish the first four projects in Sew What! Bags in just a few hours!  They are unbelieveably easy, especially considering they are done totally pattern free. 

The only reason I didn't get started on the next bag was because I need a zipper for it.  I'm excited about this next one, too.  I have never done a zipper.  But I have picked out the fabrics I'm using (the same ones I used on my Mad Hatter hat, which I will have to share sometime soon!)

So, in the next day or so, I'll take some pictures of my finished projects and post them here.

Oh, and I officially have proof that Caleb has been walking in his sleep.  Let's just say, no more water, and a like-it-or-not trip to the potty, before bed from now on.

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