Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kindergarten, here we come!

That is the face of a little boy ready to get back to school.

Come on, mom.  Enough with the pictures!

I just can't believe my baby boy is in Kindergarten now.  I swear it was only yesterday we were walking into this first day of K4.  Only a few days before that, we were starting K3, in a brand new school.  "Okay, mom, you can go now."  Not even a moment of hesitation, not a tear shed (on his part, at least).

Maybe a week earlier, I was dropping him off at daycare for the first time, at one year old.  There were tears then, but they passed soon enough. 

It is truely breathtaking how fast the time passes.  It seems only a moment passes and you go from celebrating first steps to sending them off to school. 

Here's to cherishing every moment!  Even the ones they don't appreciate.

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