Monday, August 30, 2010

Swap-Bot: Cemetary Photos

Have you heard of Swap-Bot?  It is an internet swap site, where users arrange swaps with other users.  There are a lot of postcard swaps and ATC swaps (I have no idea what that means) and others.  My first swap was a cemetary photo swap.  When I was studying photography in high school, I loved going through cemetaries and taking pictures of statues and unique or old headstones.  So this swap was right up my alley.

Here is how this swap worked: users interested in the swap sign up by the deadline.  After the deadline, the organizer assigns partners (in this case, 2 partners each) and those partners swap 3 pictures each.  So I sent off 3 pictures each to my 2 partners and I received 6 pictures in return.

In true Amanda-the-Goober fashion, I waited until the very last day to go out and take the pictures, but I got them and sent them off on time, give or take a day or two. 

I don't remember who got what, but those are the pictures I sent out.  That lion is one of my favorite headstones.  I have a pictures of that one from highschool as well.

I received pictures from:

 Andrea (ZenPanda) from Montana, who sent 4 pictures:

And Ramona (stonekeepers), I'm not sure where she is from.

Beautiful photos, all!  I am really glad I did this swap.  It got me out taking pictures, of something other than Caleb.  I am looking forward to doing more swaps, especially photo ones.  I'm planning on checking out some more cemetaries soon to stock up on more pictures.  My next swap is for the kids, though.  Coloring books and crayons.  I think I am hooked on swapping!

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