Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I've been working on making Caleb's lunch wraps for school for this year.  I swear!  I keep meaning to get some pictures, but I am a little lazy.  The camera is in the truck (yeah, I know, not real smart) and I just don't feel like grabbing it.  But I promise I will.  Then I will have some pictures to post.  I might even put together a little tutorial to post.

Meanwhile, we are getting ready for school to start.  School supplies, shoes, uniforms: all bought.  He is getting to bed somewhat on time, all by himself (happy mommy!).  I need to work on getting up on time.  So, now we are just enjoying the last week of summer.  Tomorrow is the season's last (maybe) trip to the water park in St. Marys.  Friday, we are heading out to the Florida Museum of Natural History.  I promise, there will be pictures.

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