Thursday, August 5, 2010


So, I became one of "those people" today.  You usually see them on shows like Hoarders, but I've seen them on Oprah's shows about cleaning and organizing.  No, I didn't have a cleaning intervention.  My mess was not quite that bad.  I didn't once have to break out a shovel, and I actually only ended up with one trash bag.  And not one single pertified rat.  (Yeah, saw that one on Clean House.  eeeyuck!!)

Anyways, I became one of the people who actually make money in the cleaning process.  Well, okay, it was already my money, but I had completely forgotten about it.  I finally managed to clean off my crafting table and ironing board and there was a check!  Made out to me!  WooHoo!  Not a big check, but enough to buy dinner for the boy and myself.  And, Holy Crap, Batman!  It expires next month!  That thing has been burried under a stack of books since March.  Way to almost blow that one, goober...

So, the check is in the wallet awaiting a date with the bank.  And the craft corner is... getting there.  But at least I can access my sewing manchine.  Now, where did I leave my motivation to use it...

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