Sunday, August 22, 2010

Batteries Never Included

You know the drill.  It is Christmas morning, the kids are tearing through the colorful boxes that they have been eyeing under the tree for weeks now.  They find all of the sweaters, socks, books... all are tossed to the side in search of that one gift.  That noisy, flashing piece of plastic they have been begging for for months.  Finally, they find a box just the right size and weight (and how they manage to recognize that is one of those age-old questions).  They begin ripping off the paper while the angels start singing and an ethereal light begins to shine on this little bit of manna.  Eyes widen, grin breaks, and just as the kid is pulling off the last piece of tape you so carefully placed, it dawns on you.  Uncertainty and dread fill your mind and you actually miss getting the perfect Christmas morning shot of childhood ecstasy... BATTERIES?  Did I remember to pick up the batteries that are NEVER included in these stupid packages?  Is this some kind of conspiracy between the toy makers and battery manufacturers, and the toy stores?  Is there any chance I have enough of the right batteries in the camera, remote control, or stashed in the back of that catch-all-crap drawer in the kitchen?  Ugh!!

Yeah, I've been there too. On both sides: parent watching with the dawning horror that I am about to have a screaming child, and kid who has to WAIT until batteries are located and inserted into the BEST Christmas present ever (that I will likely forget about in a week or two.)

So, I'm thinking I need on of these...

Energizer's Smart Charger looks all kinds if awesome.  It counts down until the batteries are fully charged, alerts you when a bad battery in installed, and you can charge either "AA" or "AAA" batteries.  Yep, I think this little gem will be headlining my Christmas wish list this year.

Thanks to The Shopping Mama for the heads up on this one!

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  1. We've all been there! Not having batteries is a major bummer when you open presents, isn't it? Ugh.