Friday, July 30, 2010

Killing Time...

What to do with a couple of free hours while Caleb is at "summer camp" at a friend's pottery studio?  Oh, a little thrift shopping, an estate sale or two... And checking out a new frozen yogurt place.

It is called Happy Cup.  All natural, organic.  And self-serve.  For $.49 an ounce.  Not bad, right?

We sampled a couple of flavors (they had a ton).  The banana/peanut butter swirl was really good.  The chocolate was, in my mother's words, chocolate.  We both had ginger lemon creme and strawberry.

They also had a ton of toppings.  Of course the usual, chocolate chips, cookie dough, the most awesome looking fruit I have seen...

And then there was this stuff...

It is called mochi, Japanese rice-stuff.  The girl behind the counter said it was like a marshmallow, only (and I am quoting) "gooier".  I though it was more like the inside of a jelly bean... only gooier.  And it had no real flavor.  Which begs the question, why bother??

Anyways, I passed on mochi and went with fresh fruit.  It was so yummy!  I highly recommend it.

It looked alot better in person.

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