Thursday, July 22, 2010

Birthdays... (Part 1)

Today (well, yesterday now) is mine.  How old?  Thirty-heywhatsthatoverthere?  Nothing, sorry.  What was I saying?

Oh yes, today yesterday marked my (I'll admit it) 33rd year.  Marked rather quietly, at that.  Not that I mind.  I have not been much for birthdays since my 21st (my purse was stolen from my car, grrr).  It isn't so much that I mind getting older.  I do think, as a parent, my son's birthdays are so much more important.  He has changed so much from one birthday to the next, and that is something to celebrate.

So, my day was a simple one.  We had a playdate in the morning...

Look at the handsome boy.

Lunch at our regular Wednesday place...

The highlight of the day was stopping off at Cami Cakes for a cupcake.

Just look at all that cupcake yummy-ness...

Like a cream cheese ocean...

mmmm, cupcakes....

They even came in a cute pink box...


My mother joined me in my little celebration (hence the 2 cakes...)

I had the Sweet-Potato with cinnamon cream cheese icing. So good!

My mom had the Carrot with cream cheese icing.  Almost as good as her home-made carrot cake.

As simple as it was, it was enough to make this one pass out in the middle of watching Blue's Clues.

Sleep tight, little man.

So, that was my 33rd birthday.  Well, that and about a dozen "Happy Birthday" messages on Facebook (I love my Facebook friends... they never forget).   Nothing exciting, but for me, it was the perfect birthday.  Here's to many more!

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