Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Homemade. Peach. Ice Cream.

Any one of those three things are cause to smile.  Put them together, and you have one of the best things on Earth.  This is what I found out today.

I found this post a week or so ago and bookmarked it.  Then I went on the search for the perfect peaches.  Which, of course, called for a stop at the farmer's market at Whole Foods.  (Oh darn, the farmer's market... I did have to pay off Caleb with a stop at the park as well.  Let's just say that he is not a fan.)

Unfortunately, I didn't take picture of the peaches.  But trust me when I say that they were not the prettiest specimens of peachness you have ever seen.  Bruised and cut... they looked like they had gone a round or two with... I don't know, some boxer.  Anyways, they were pretty ugly.  But man, they smelled like heaven.  And they tasted even better than that.  Sinfully good!

Homemade ice cream is so good and, honestly, so very simple.  Fresh peaches, sugar, cream and milk.  That is it.  I truely don't even know why I bother getting ice cream from the store.  Okay, maybe is the fact that it takes a LONG time to make ice cream.  Just the churning can take more than 45 minutes.  Then a couple of hours more in the freezer.  It can be tourture when you are hit with a ice cream craving.  But it is oh-so worth the wait.

I'll be right back. I think I left the oven on...
yeah, that's it, the oven.

That is one awesome bowl of awesome right there. 

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  1. I am so glad you enjoyed it. This recipe reminds me of my grandmother as I posted in the blog. It can be a little tedious (sp???)peeling all the peaches but it is well worth the trouble. Thanks for sharing you enjoyed it. I like your blog. Keep it up. I started mine in June and still haven't grown it to what I want it to be. But word will slowly get around. Hope you enjoy the other recipes as well and again, thanks for commenting...I love to hear comments!