Sunday, November 7, 2010

All About Me in 30 Days: Day 24: My Day in Great Detail

Yeah, I know!  I have been a little MIA lately, but things have been crazy lately.  Field trip, halloween, work... oh, and second costume.

Today was a very busy day.  Caleb and Mommy day.

We got up early-ish, stopped by Starbucks & the bagel place next door for breakfast and headed out to the middle of nowhere.  To a corn maze in the middle of nowhere, to be exact.

Once we finally got there, we immediately hit the maze.  And immediately got lost.  But, after hitting a few dead ends, and walking in several circles, we managed to find out way out. 

Next was the corn box.  Think sand box, filled with corn.  The only part Caleb remembered from our trip last year.  Honestly, odd as it may seem, I like sooo much better than sand.  I wonder how much corn it would take to fill our sand box...

After a quick visit to the stockades, and a jump off of a huge pile of hay, and we headed to the barn to visit the animals.  We saw a few ducks, a goat, a bunch of chickens, 2 peacocks, a pig, a couple of bunnies, a very opinionated bull, a shy donkey, and a mare with her foal.  The mare was my favorite.  She was so sweet, and amazingly calm around all of the kids.  Oh, and there was a huge rooster made of hay.

We walked through the demonstration area and caught a glimps of a couple of cool activities before heading over to the hay ride.  We saw a bunch more cows, even fed a couple (or tried to), and took a trip around the property.  It was so peaceful, in spite of the roar of the tractor.  As the hey ride was ending, we watch an older calf follow his mother around, trying to nurse.  Momma cow was having no part of that, and the little guy was getting very frustrated.  It was hilarious!

We past a couple more pigs on our way to the cow train.  Not real cows, of course.  They were actually made out of plastic barrels.  Pulled by a tractor.  Caleb had so much fun, he rode it twice.

Caleb then attempted the pedal carts.  Unfortunately, he was too small still for the big carts and a little to big for the small carts, so that wasn't so much fun for him.  Poor kid.

We then visted a fairly new calf, who pee'd as soon as we walked up, and a very old dog, who just slept while all the kids were pawing at him.  We also quickly checked out what was left of the pumpkin patch, and a small general store.  Before leaving, we had a snack of a fresh, hot ear of corn on the cob.  Oh-my-God, that was the best corn!  Ever!!

After we left, we got lost.  I missed my turn and wound up even deeper in the middle of nowhere.  Once I realized it, we got headed in the right direction.  Caleb fell asleep on the way back to town, when meant a nice peaceful ride home for mommy.

After grabbing some lunch, we headed to Hobby Lobby to grab some supplies for a birthday gift for a friend's little girl, and finally got Caleb some jeans that fit. 

And that was my day, in great detail.  How was yours?

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  1. Wow, sounded like an amazing day!Any day to get out and play is a good day.